Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5.23.12--number 144

First day of the sale, first thing in the morning.

Because meeting with your fabulous sister-in-law for a little early morning shopping therapy is always a great way to start a Wednesday.

5.22.11--number 143

This goofy girl.

Because when you're getting ready to start the car after a trip to the grocery store and she's asking all these questions from the seat behind you, like, "mommy, where are going? I can't see!" and you turn around to see ages placed these giant stickers over her eyes your first thought is always to immediately snap a picture of it and then ask questions later.

5.21.12--number 142

Playtime at the park.

Because when the fellas spend a Sunday afternoon watching the Angels, the girls and I slip off to the park, where we feed the ducks and swing in the breeze, lighter than air.

5.20.12--number 141

Team spirit.

Because I love seeing Terry and the kids bond over Angels games. And impromptu father/son day trips to San Diego to root for our team at an away game only bring these two closer together.

5.19.12--number 140

Celebrating the birthday of someone truly special.

Because my sisters-in-law are so dear to me, and celebrating their birthdays is always a fun time. Heck, when there's cake and singing, what's not to like?

5.18.12--number 139

Having your kid's work chosen for the school's live auction.

Because being singled out is often times a good thing, and seeing the joy and pride in her face at such a fun school event was priceless.

5.17.12--number 138

Impromptu naps.

Because when you're tired, naps are beneficial in whatever form you can grab 'em. This particular day she slept through an hour of me shopping the scholastic books warehouse sale. Perfection!

5.16.12--number 137

Vocal prowess in the car.

Because singing in the car is better even than singing in the shower. It's even better when it's your 2-year-old singing with glee at the top of her voice in the back seat.

5.15.12--number 136


Just because. It's hard for me to pick a favorite color, but I look at a picture like this one and I think, "yeah, that's it..."

5.14.12--number 135

Visits to the aquarium.

Because while I appreciate the beauty and majesty of nature in ALL its forms, it is the mysterious creatures of the deep that truly capture my imagination. In what fantastical, magical, mythical place do creatures like these exist? That's right... In THIS ONE. Wow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5.13.12--number 134


Because she has been such a great role model for me growing up, and is a great lady and a great friend, to boot. Love you, mom!

5.12.12--number 133

Seeing old friends.

Because this gal is a longtime BFF of mine, maid of honor at my wedding and true kindred spirit (and sharer of the same brain). And I don't get to spend nearly enough time with her anymore, so hanging out with her at a friend's wedding was super fun.

5.11.12--number 132

Girls' day out.

Because going to see the symphony for kids with good friends is fun. And making a day of it, with lunch after, is perfection.

5.10.12--number 131

Game of Thrones anti-hero Peter Dinklage.

Because his character, Tyrion Lannister, is about the most well-rounded, three dimensional character on tv today, and I absolutely adore him.

5.9.12--number 130

Walking to school.

Because I love the fact that we live close enough to make the morning and afternoon trek to school together. We are blessed and a little spoiled, not discounting the fact that we have awesome weather 95% of the time, too.

5.8.12--number 129

Old-fashioned ice cream parlors.

Because treating your three favorite small people to the joys of an old-fashioned ice cream sundae is one of those things a person just shouldn't miss out on, if one can help it.

5.7.12--number 128

My kids' teachers.

Because I think teachers are way too undervalued these days, and I feel blessed that my kids are getting a truly top-notch education despite school budget cuts. This poster was the one we made for Edie's teacher this week for teacher appreciation week.

5.6.12--number 127

General silliness.

Because a pink candy mustache is just about the most perfect photo prop I could ever imagine. And setting the images up Brady-bunch style like this is the ideal silly setup. "I mustache you a question, sir..."

5.5.12--number 126

My nephew.

Because he is my brother in miniature, and I absolutely adore him.

Friday, May 4, 2012

5.4.12--number 125

Seven years.

Because seven years ago this one came into the world with a squall, and our lives were changed completely. Happy birthday, my funny and fabulous Edie-girl!

5.3.12--number 124

Party prep.

Because staying up late to bake a birthday cake and set up surprise streamers and balloons for your birthday girl to discover in the morning is almost as much fun as the event itself.

5.2.12--number 123

Laundry helpers.

Because its so much more fun to PLAY in the laundry basket than FOLD the laundry.

5.1.12--number 122


Because when you can get center courtside seats to game two of the lakers playoffs, you feel like a superstar.

4.30.12--number 121


Because on the rare occasion that I treat myself to that icon of legendary fast food, the double double, it's like I've died and gone to heaven.

4.29.12--number 120

A fun new outfit.

Because getting something new and cute to wear can make a girl feel like a million bucks. No therapy sessions needed.

4.28.12--number 119

Girl time.

Because an evening spent shopping and laughing with two of your besties is about the most perfect thing ever.

4.27.12--number 128

Variety shows.

Because its fun to watch your kids brave their own set of nerves to perform solo in front of hundreds of their peers. Proud doesn't begin to cover it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4.26.12 — number 117

Comparison photos.

Because I love to compare before/after pics or, in this case, pictures of my own three kids at roughly the same age that Isla is now: 28 months. What an amazing journey I have been on with these three little people. I can't wait to see where the journey takes me next!

4.25.12--number 116

Playing on the top bunk.

Because what is cooler than the fort-like magic of hanging out on the top bunk with your sister and BFF? It's almost akin to having a treehouse, only without the bugs.

4.24.12--number 115


Because we look cool in 'em, yo.

4.23.12--number 114

Isla's love for dogs.

Because of all three of my kids, Isla is the most inclined to want to pounce on any dog she sees, full of glee. It's nice that my neighbor and great friend has a dog as sweet and patient as Sadie here, who never made a fuss when Isla laid on her, tried out her bed, and even (at one point) tried to taste Sadie's rawhide bone.

4.22.12--number 113

The Color Run.

Because when your running partner is one of your favorite people, you're bound to have a great time. Add to that the pure joy on her face when she basically became the embodiment of her favorite color, and it's aces.

4.21.12-- number 112

Sprinklers on a hot day.

Because there are days when I just don't feel like taking them to the pool, and there's something really nostalgic and old-school about running through the sprinklers, anyway. Takes me back to my own childhood. The only thing we lack here on the West Coast to make it more perfect is lightning bugs.

4.20.12--number 111

Three silly monkeys.

Because when they all climb in bed to squeeze together and celebrate the youngest having a big girl bed, they are so adorable it's all I can do not to pinch them.