Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monthly Newsletter: Month 18

Future's So Bright, originally uploaded by JenSig.

Dear Isla,

Last week you passed the one-and-a-half mark, an impressive milestone in and of itself. I think in some ways you are more like a 2 or 3-year-old, so I forget that you are still just one! I think having an older brother and sister definitely make you feel the need to keep on your toes, and you have no problem holding your own when the other two are around, that's for sure!

You recently had your 18-month checkup, and you are still WAY off the chart for height, so it's another reason, perhaps, that you seem older than you are. You are tall and gorgeous — and amazingly cute and funny as well. The language barrier is becoming less and less of an issue as your vocabulary continues to grow. You are curious and clearly intelligent, and just an absolute delight to us all.

Right now it seems that your favorite person (aside from me) is your sister, "Deedee." When Edie is not home, you ask for her often, saying, "Deedee?" and you'll point at the door to the outside. If I say, "Edie isn't here," you'll think for a minute, then say, "Byebye?" (As in, "Edie's gone bye bye?") A few weeks ago I made a comment to you one morning about a half hour before it was time to pick up Edie from school, and you came and took me by the hand and pulled me to the door, where you smacked your hand on it and exclaimed, "Deedee! Bye bye!" You were ready to go!

You just might be ready to truly begin potty training — more than once you've paused in what you were doing, clutched your hand to your diaper and looked at me intently. When I asked you if you needed to go potty, you nodded, and together we ran to the bathroom, but we haven't yet made it in time. But the interest is definitely there.

Another funny new development with you is at bedtime. Generally I put you to bed before the older two kids, and although you are always very quiet when I put you to bed and never make a fuss, there are many nights when, by the time I am tucking Edie into bed, I get in the room to discover you are still wide awake! And suddenly, once Edie is lying in her own bed across from you in your crib, you think it's party time, and you grasp the top of the crib and jump up and down while giggling and squealing. Even Edie, who think it's funny, has had to come out to me more than once and say with a big sigh, "Mommy, can you PLEASE make her go to sleep? She's keeping me awake!" You just think it's so great to share a room with your big sister, I guess.

And in the mornings, you, like the other two before you, are generally as good as gold, and will play contentedly in your crib until someone finally comes in to fetch you. What a dream baby you are... what a lucky mommy I am.

And though you are still rather stingy with your kisses, you will frequently come over to me and wrap your arms around me and give me a quick snuggle, tucking your head in close with a sweet smile, before running off again to goodness knows what adventures you are getting into now. And those little sweet embraces are just enough to melt my heart, sweet, sweet girl.

I love you! Happy one-and-a-half birthday!

Love, Mama