Monday, April 8, 2013

New Beginnings

It's been so long since I even looked at this blog, I'm not sure at this point what I even want to say, other than I know that I have missed putting my thoughts into written word, and I'm a little sad that the efforts I made at documenting Owen's and Edie's early years didn't really pan out so much with Isla.

Such as life, I suppose. They say the youngest child gets fewer photos taken (although that really is NOT true in Isla's case). I think in the case of this blog, I just reached a point where I wanted to EXPERIENCE my life, rather than think about what I wanted to SAY about it. It started to become a chore, and became less enjoyable for me to do, while at the same time, life with three kids became increasingly more hectic and crazy and busy and amazing — all those adjectives you might THINK of a family of five.

These days I have a full calendar of baseball and softball, piano and playdates, CCD and PTA. There are days when I barely have a moment to myself, between throwing in yet another load of laundry and making edits to a work project and taking meetings with clients and running to pick up the kids and drive them somewhere and making sure I didn't forget any part of the sports uniform they need to change into (hello sliding shorts and belt and cup and hat and socks and jersey and pants and cleats and gear and don't forget cash for the snack shack, god forbid) — and most of the time I am having to scrounge around a messy kid's bedroom to look for that ONE thing I cannot find... in Owen's case, he tends to drop his baseball cup into the oddest of places, so there's ALWAYS a hunt for that.

So blogging... about my LIFE... yeah. It just became less important for a while.

I had some exciting things happen to me in the last year. I appeared in a play at Christmastime, which was a LOAD of fun, and I am planning to audition for more. What a blast! It was a personal bucket-list item, and I was terrified and elated and thrilled and nervous and sweaty in the beginning, but totally got bitten by the proverbial "bug." The people in my show were amazing and warm and welcoming, and I can't wait to do it again. Auditions for more coming soon. I chose not to audition for anything in these early months of the year, because of the aforementioned INSANE schedule, but am looking forward to doing more theater through the summer months. Gotta make it all work around the nutty home life, and also give mad props to my super-supportive and awesome husband.

Not sure how to start the ball rolling again on this whole blog thing except to just begin anew, and start thinking of it once again as a place to organize my thoughts and to try and keep a written record of all the amazing things my kids do and say and experience. So here I am. Back again soon, I hope!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5.23.12--number 144

First day of the sale, first thing in the morning.

Because meeting with your fabulous sister-in-law for a little early morning shopping therapy is always a great way to start a Wednesday.

5.22.11--number 143

This goofy girl.

Because when you're getting ready to start the car after a trip to the grocery store and she's asking all these questions from the seat behind you, like, "mommy, where are going? I can't see!" and you turn around to see ages placed these giant stickers over her eyes your first thought is always to immediately snap a picture of it and then ask questions later.

5.21.12--number 142

Playtime at the park.

Because when the fellas spend a Sunday afternoon watching the Angels, the girls and I slip off to the park, where we feed the ducks and swing in the breeze, lighter than air.

5.20.12--number 141

Team spirit.

Because I love seeing Terry and the kids bond over Angels games. And impromptu father/son day trips to San Diego to root for our team at an away game only bring these two closer together.

5.19.12--number 140

Celebrating the birthday of someone truly special.

Because my sisters-in-law are so dear to me, and celebrating their birthdays is always a fun time. Heck, when there's cake and singing, what's not to like?

5.18.12--number 139

Having your kid's work chosen for the school's live auction.

Because being singled out is often times a good thing, and seeing the joy and pride in her face at such a fun school event was priceless.